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Harp Trouble In Heaven

Produced by Rob Morsberger

Recorded at The Farmhouse,  Croton NY

and at Clean Sound and Laundry, Brooklyn, NY

paul ossola - bass
bian dunne - drums
peter calo - Nylon string gtr on "Good As It Gets"
jon herrington - el gtr on "Baby I'm Sorry" and "No Last Laugh"
deborah assael-migliore - cello
suzanne ornstein - violin & viola
oona mae mullally roche - vox "Love This Child"
the roches, maggie terre and suzzy - harmonies
jamesy, andre and gerard - spoken word
lisa morsberger - flute
rob morsberger - piano, accordian, orchestrations and programming
david roche - lead vox, guitars, harmonies

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